Care Guide

If your activewear doubles as leisurewear, and sometimes even workwear, you have come to the right place! 

Follow these simple steps to prolong the life of your favourite staples.

  • Use a laundry wash bag
  • Turn your garments inside out

  • Use a gentle detergent. Opt for a detergent that does not have fabric softening properties. Do NOT use fabric softener, fabric softener can degrade the sweat wicking properties of your activewear and please avoid bleach.
  • Always wash on cold, the cold water helps preserve the shape and stretch.
  • Do not tumble dry, hang dry. Dryers can be tough on clothes resulting in damage of the individual fibres in your activewear. Air drying them can help avoid holes and tears. When air-drying items, keep them away from heaters or direct sunlight because high heat sources can degrade the fibers.
  • Try your best to wash them right after your workout, the more you wear your activewear, the more sweat and body oils accumulate. Let the sweat dry before throwing them in the wash basket to prevent mould or bacteria forming.
  • Seperate your loads. Mixing sweaty gym clothes with everyday wear is never a good idea, it can cause bacteria and odours to spread. Choose the smallest load size on your washing machine to conserve water. 

Let us know how you go!