About Us

Hi, I’m Leanne, founder of EMPWR YOU, and a woman who strives to improve herself through compassion, kindness, and a little bit (a lot) of sweat. I have always had the goal of creating something that could foster a strong community that empowered like- minded people who wanted a supportive environment to improve themselves to be better versions of who they are.

That is why I started EMPWR YOU, an activewear label that promotes inclusivity, connection, and self-expression through its service. A key part of what EMPWR YOU strives to do is create a space where we collaborate with our customers so we can serve your best interests. We want this to be label that is driven by what makes YOU happy and what makes YOU feel confident to be your best self.

EMPWR YOU is a safe place and supportive community. We want to connect with our members on a deeper level and share our journey — mistakes and successes alike, because they are all important in getting to where you want to be. It is important to know that the journey to self-love and appreciation can be rocky, but it is possible, and we want to be there for you every step of the way. We want to be a part of a movement that empowers everyone to be their best selves because YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Our Journey

A passion that has always been important to me is finding ways to improve my life through movement and self-expression. Self-love and confidence are not something that is easy to attain all day, every day, and that is a constant practice that I wanted to support people through as they find ways that they enjoy bettering themselves. When I first started going to the gym and trying to work on my physical and mental health, the whole process felt quite daunting and even isolating at times.

That is how EMPWR YOU was created. I wanted to create a platform that gave people the space to feel supported when they are fighting or working to make themselves better. Even if it is through journaling, therapy, lifting weights, yoga with friends, or just going for a walk, we want to show you that every small step counts in taking care of yourself.

As EMPWR YOU started, it was born out of conversations with friends, family, and the community around us that shaped our first launch. The needs and concerns of our community showed us how EMPWR YOU could take away some of the pressure and support people as they chased their health and fitness goals.

We want to build this brand TOGETHER. That is why EMPWR YOU utilise social media to encourage our community to vote and share their preferences and comments on our products, so we can create pieces that are inspired by YOU.

It is our goal to design garments that support your performance and goals, no matter what they are. It became our commitment to create pieces that are dedicated to being functional and flattering whilst benefiting from features like being squat-proof, using moisture-wicking materials, and having designs that contour your physique so you can look your best while you do your best.

Our Process

At EMPWR YOU, our design and manufacturing process is a dynamic and inclusive journey that reflects our commitment to inclusivity, quality, and ethical practices. We believe in co-creating with our community, leveraging the power of social media to directly engage with our customers. By seeking feedback and allowing our followers to cast votes on designs, colours, and features, we ensure that our activewear is not just a product of our vision but a collective expression of the diverse preferences within our community.

Once the design concepts are shaped by this collaborative process, we prioritise quality testing to guarantee that our activewear stands up to the demands of various body types and a wide array of physical activities. We recognise the uniqueness of every individual, and our designs are crafted to embrace and empower all shapes and sizes. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond the design phase to ethical manufacturing practices. We partner exclusively with factories that uphold fair labour standards, ensuring that each piece of activewear carries the integrity of ethical production. At EMPWR YOU, our designing and manufacturing process is a harmonious blend of community collaboration, rigorous quality testing, and ethical sourcing, resulting in activewear that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our valued customers.